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Zoysia Fairway Project

During the summer of 2019, we are taking on the project of converting our fairways to Zoysia to give our golfers the ultimate hitting surface available in the mid-west.  We are using the stripping method which should allow 100% fairway coverage on all par 4's and par 5's within 3 years.  More information on Zoysia Fairways below the photo gallery.


Zoysia Grass Benefits

  • Low water Consumption - The root system of Zoysia grass is deep as well as extensive thus requiring little if any irrigation.
  • No need for chemicals - Zoysia is naturally resistant to pests and disease, thus no need to expose your family, pets or the environment to chemicals. Plus an established Zoysia grass lawn is so thick with deep roots weeds are choked out -thus no need for harmful weed killers. In the event that your Zoysia lawn or turf becomes stressed and pests do invade you will find Zoysia grass to be resilient to injury that may accompany most chemicals.
  • Reduced mowing - Due to the lateral growth of Zoysia there is slower upwards growth. Most people find that Zoysia requires up to 2/3 less mowing than other grass types.
  • Heat and Cold tolerant - Zoysia grass thrives in heat and does not winter kill. Note: Zoysia grass will go dormant turning a golden brown when the first winter killing frost arrives. Zoysia is one of the first grass types to come out of dormancy and 'green up' in the Spring when soil temperatures reach around 50°.
  • Traffic and Wear tolerant - Once established Zoysia grass has an almost uncanny ability to repair itself as it grows in all directions laterally. Also, due to it's high density sodding, Zoysia is a good choice for Southern athletic fields and golf courses as well as high traffic lawns in the areas of Zoysia adaptation. Removal of cuttings after mowing will reduce thatch problems that may arise.
  • Animal waste tolerant - Zoysia is more tolerant of animal urine and feces than other grass types - but keep in mind there is no grass that will survive constant exposure to pet waste. If this is an issue try to keep the soil pH around between 6 - 7 by liming the soil.
  • Shade tolerant - Zoysia grass is somewhat shade tolerant in the Southern areas of adaptation as long as the soil pH is between 6 -7 and it receives 2 to 4 hours of direct sunlight a day.
  • Erosion control - Once established, Zoysia grass is great for slopes and other high eroding areas.